TreeBrowse is a simple tool that makes browsing directory indexes much easier. It shows a tree hierarchy of files and folders that can be navigated.

When using a browser that supports the localStorage property, the state of the tree is persisted and cached locally for a faster navigation and better user experience. At the time of writing, Firefox >= 3.5, Safari >= 4 and IE >= 8 implement localStorage.

You can also use this tool to browse files on your computer if you have Python installed. Simply open a terminal/console on the folder you'd like to navigate, and type:

    python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Then you can open http://localhost:8000 in your browser and load the bookmarklet.


Drag the below link to your browser's bookmark toolbar:

JavaScript must be enabled to view the bookmarklet.

TreeBrowse TreeBrowse Debug

When visiting a directory listing page (Apache or other), simply click the link to show the navigation tree.


Normal directory index:

After TreeBrowse has been loaded:

Installation without the bookmarklet

If you want to enable TreeBrowse in a directory without installing the bookmarklet, you can add an HTML file in the directory you want to navigate that contains the following code: (For instance, if you want to navigate you would install this file in

JavaScript must be enabled to view the code.

Technical Information

The tree is rendered using the jQuery Treeview plugin by Jörn Zaefferer.

Tested in Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 4, Safari 4, Opera 10.

Source code is hosted on Once you have checked out the sources, you have to run make in the treebrowse directory in order to build the concatenated JavaScript and CSS files.

Issues and limitations


You can report issues in the issue tracker or send me a mail:

s l a n p s h @ m i . o 
 y v i . a c e g a l c m